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“I have the pleasure of having Julia as my professional supervisor. Her extensive skill base means she can balance the art of self-reflection with life changing processes in a manner that is kind and humble. Her ability to artfully listen, reframe and choose the right technique for each particular situation has allowed me to find a way to remain calm and balanced in a busy workplace. Her approach can be described as kind, humble and wise. She creates a safe space to discuss challenges and help me with techniques that I can immediately utilise in my personal and professional life.”
- Karyn Chalk, Organiser, NZNO

“Working with Julia has been life changing! NLP has been the most effective and efficient transformational modality I’ve used in my health journey – in regaining a sense of ownership and power over my emotions, wellness, internal state and future. In light of chronic illness and post traumatic stress I experienced for years, I tried countless healing modalities before NLP yet still felt consistently overwhelmed, exhausted, easily-triggered and ill. Through NLP, I now feel in the driver’s seat of my own wellness, and on a daily basis feel profoundly calm, joyful, energised, powerful, internally satisfied, excited about the future, and attuned to my body, intuition and goals. Thank you Julia!”
- Sarah Jaros, Psychology Graduate, Auckland

“I can't thank you enough Julia - for your empathy and compassion throughout the sessions we've had together. I feel as though I have been on a transformational healing crash-course and re-invented my life. I feel so much more at ease, as though I have finally connected with my authentic power - you have no idea how wonderful that feels. Julia, you have an amazing gift - your words, tone of voice, technique and spiritual wisdom have supported me through some huge shifts. Thank you so much for being there for me”
- Christine Weaver, Hypnotherapist, Manawatu

“I came to see Julia as I was feeling out of alignment with myself, not the usual happy, positive self, felt unmotivated. In one session we worked through and changed some deep-seated old beliefs, including “not deserving good things in life.” Right away I felt content, happy, on track, peaceful with life. And now a week later I feel so happy, in peace and ‘on time and on track’ with everything. There is more courage too to complete things and unexpected amazing stuff just popping up. Thank you!!!! You are absolutely amazing!!!!”
- Ildiko Meixner, Commercial Real Estate Broker

“Julia is a pure gem. I went to her with 3 pretty specific goals in mind and after only a few short sessions I resolved these completely. I’m in a tremendously confident and positive space now thanks to her. I particularly loved how she goes above and beyond by sending me extra notes and readings when I wanted to learn more.”
ZM, Film Director, New Zealand

"I wanted to thank you again for our sessions. Since we have started I feel so much more tuned in to what's happening inside my body and mind, and I love having the ability to see thoughts come in and choose to let them pass without holding on or worrying about them. It has made such a huge difference to my happiness and I feel so much lighter. It feels like I have woken up after a long time of being stuck in a dream where I felt I had very little control of my thoughts and feelings (almost feeling like I was trapped in them)."
Emma Joy Wallace, Auckland

“Julia is a highly skilled coach who intuitively knows just the right process to use in order to move through difficult blocks and achieve desired results. She is an exceptional listener with a great sense of humour. She has a depth of experience and can call on a wealth of coaching tools making her very adaptable. I highly recommend Julia as a coach.”
Jude McLaren, Media Production, Wellington

“I run my own business as a marketing strategist. I asked Julia to help me clear anxiety around promoting myself. I was barely getting by, and knew that with what I do I could be paid more and have more clients. Right after our session I got busy and booked $8,000 of work. You helped me clear a MAJOR block. I remember feeling like the $240 for our session was a stretch financially for me, but now I see how small it was in comparison to the help I was given.”
Farideh Ceaser, www.farideh.ca, Marketing Strategist, Canada