The Neuroscience of Handling Your Brain with Love

Experience Havening as a client or train as a Havening Practitioner

The brain is continuously changing in response to new experiences. You can let your brain change by chance, or you can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN BY CHOICE. 

Why Havening and What is it?

Havening is an innovative, gentle, and highly effective approach to working with intense emotions and traumatic memories as well as cultivating life-empowering states. The Havening Techniques® engage our biological system to restore and empower our minds and bodies, and can be used for:

  • Trauma reprocessing
  • State and stress management
  • Wellbeing and resilience enhancement

Started as a powerful tool to alleviate the consequences of stressful events by re-processing the traumatic memories, Havening has been shown to help people with:

  • Trauma, PTST, Panic attacks, Phobia, Anxiety
  • Distressing memories (relationship breakups, shocking news, embarrassment, etc.)
  • Distressing memories of natural or man-made disasters (flood, fire, war, assault, etc.)
  • Anger
  • Grief, Loss
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Stress, overwhelm, frustration
  • Cravings, annoying habits
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Performance enhancement
  • Public speaking, exam/interview nerves
  • and much more

What is Havening?

Havening, a transitive verb of the word Haven, means to put into a place of safety

Havening Techniques® are neuroscience-based and designed to train our brain to think differently. 

This is a psychosensory method which means that it uses sensory input (Touch) to change how we think, feel and behave (Psyche).

The method has been developed by Ronald Ruden M.D, Ph.D. and his brother Steven Ruden, D.D.S., ICF/ACC starting in 2001 in U.S.A. The organisation has grown since with Havening Practitioners and Trainers currently working in many corners of the world from Alaska to New Zealand.

Utilising the latest findings from neuroscience, Havening Techniques® have been used in many fields such as  therapy, coaching, counselling, personal development, business, sports, etc. The results of the ongoing research studies strongly support the effectiveness of Havening method.

For more details of the science behind this work, see www.havening.org under 'Learn More' choose 'White Papers and Articles' http://havening.org/about-havening/articles.

I felt anxious about a particular new teaching situation. As I thought of it, I remembered an earlier event in my life where I’d had the same sense of uncertainty. I could have used more cognitive NLP processes, but Havening offered a great new way to resolve it where my conscious mind was entertained, while my anxiety was dealt with in the most primal way by calming down my brain’s responses. I felt totally different as I thought about the upcoming event, and in the actual situation it didn’t even occur to me to consider the things I had been anxious about. The training went great. - Richard, NLP Trainer

Why train in Havening?

Looking for new ways to empower people you work with? 

Consider adding Havening to your professional toolkit because:

>        It is simple to learn

>        It is highly effective

>        It creates lasting results

>        It offers empowering self-help tools 

>        It is based on neuroscience research

And you connect with an amazing, supportive, heart-based international community of Haverners all over the world. Be one of the first in this relatively new and evolving field to share this powerful method with the wider world! 

Havening Techniques® integrate well with a wide range of approaches to personal change and therapeutic practices. They are taught to therapists, medics, coaches and many other professionals in care and human development field. These techniques can be used effectively in one-on-one work as well as personal and professional development programmes.

Havening combines easily with many approaches because it complements rather than competes. It integrates elegantly into NLP Coaching business and can enhance the effectiveness of many NLP change techniques, such as Goal setting, Trauma work, State management (performance nerves), Beliefs work, etc.

The significant advantage of Havening is that it employs a sense of TOUCH, Kinaesthetic sense. Touch, as a sensory input used to effect changes, is largely overlooked sense in NLP in comparison to Visual, Auditory, or Auditory Digital senses. This immediately expands the NLP toolbox with more effective ways of working with those who have preference for kinaesthetic processing.

“I first came across Havening during a professional supervision session with Julia. Within an hour I have moved from feelings of panic to being calm and settled. I’ve had a number of Havening sessions with Julia since and find her style intuitive, balanced and results focused. Julia has an extensive skill base that integrates healing modalities, NLP and Havening together to create long terms change alongside building self-agency and confidence. Thank you Julia for walking alongside my personal and professional development journey.”- Karyn Chalk, Brain Health Coach, Dunedin, NZ

Train as a Havening Practitioner

Please note that this training is available to those who are trained in NLP. The training is conducted live via Zoom in New Zealand time zone. 

Certification is a two-step process: 

Step 1 - Attending the 2-day training

Step 2 - Conducting Case Studies and completing the Science Review 

As a Certified Trainer of Havening Techniques® I will provide the training to help you learn as a practitioner and support you throughout the certification process. I can also provide supervision services to help you further integrate these techniques into your business.

Step 1 - Attending the training

What will you learn and experience in the training:

  • Techniques that can help your clients get remarkably fast and lasting results
  • How to use Havening Techniques® as a stand-alone method and/or integrated into your existing approach
  • Live demonstrations of the variety of Havening Techniques® (such as Event-, Transpirational-, Outcome-, and Affirmational- Havening)
  • Practise Havening Techniques® with other participants to assimilate your learning
  • Understand the neuroscience of Havening and how to explain neuroscience in a client-friendly way to your more inquisitive clients
  •  You will receive:

  • A downloadable Training Packet that include: the Manual (the Primer), the Procedural Guide, DVD's of the 2-day training delivered by Dr Ron Ruden
  • Access to a variety of Havening Community online resources 
  • On completion of your training, you may decide to accomplish the certification process. This is optional, and our experience shows that it is a truly exciting and rewarding experience.

    Step 2 - Certification Assessments

    Post-training certification process includes submitting your Case Studies to demonstrate your use and understanding of Havening Techniques, and a Science Review to check your understanding of the science behind Havening. This step can be completed in your own time and involves submitting: 

  • 30 case studies (we will provide a form and guidelines for filling it out)
  • 2 video sessions (between 15min and 45min long)
  • Successful completion of the Science Review (this is an open-book review)
  • Registration with Havening.org

    On completion of these two steps, you can join the Havening organisation and register as a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. Your profile will be listed on the Havening.org website and you will have the right to use the Havening logo on your website and in any proprietary material that is subject to copyright laws in your country. The membership fee is US$99 and is renewed annually for you to maintain your Certified Practitioner status.

    Please contact Julia. if you are interested in attending this training or have any question about how you can do it.



    Step 1 - Attending the training 

    NZ$1,250 covering: 

  • the 2-day training live via Zoom
  • 2 to 4 Zoom sessions pre- and/or post-training sessions where needed. This is to ensure that your training experience is comprehensive and smooth
  • online materials (Manuals, Guides, Videos, etc.)
  • Step 2 - Certification Assessments 

    NZ$1,150  covering:

  • Assessment of your 32 Case Studies 
  • Assessment of your Science Review
  • Email/phone support during the certification process
  • Please note that these are complete prices and there is no GST component. 

    The fees are reviewed regularly and subject to change. 

    Annual Membership with Havening organisation

    The membership fee is US$99 and is renewed annually for you to maintain your Certified Practitioner status.

    If you are interested in becoming a Havening Techniques® Practitioner, please contact Julia.


    Techniques that I can immediately utilise in my personal and professional life. - NLP Coach, New Zealand