Wellbeing and Sleep

General wellbeing

In August 2007 I had the privilege to attend NLP sessions in Japan by Julia Kurusheva as her interpreter, and I was able to witness the dedication and mastery with which Julia conducted her sessions, giving her full attention to her clients, and accompanying them in their journey with so much caring love until a tremendous shift occurred and they reached their goals and were truly transformed in a single session. For me also it was a wonderful experience and I now regard Julia as a model of what I want to achieve with my own clients. 
Christine de Larroche-Kodama, teacher and therapist, Tokyo, Japan

In February 2005 I fell down and broke my hip bone. In one year I had 4 serious operations as the bone wouldn’t re-grow and the inserted pin had to be replaced. By September 2007 the bone re-grew, but I could only walk with a crutch and couldn’t bend the knee while climbing the stairs. It’s as if my leg forgot how to walk and I was protecting it! I had one NLP session with Julia, after which I immediately felt comfortable to start practising, and only 2 weeks later I could confidently and quickly climb the stairs! I also feel easy and light walking without my crutch, and I hope that soon I will be jogging too. I believe that the NLP process helped me transform my fear so that I could regain my ability to walk naturally.
Anna Zykova, Logistic Manager, Kestralcontinental OU,Tallinn, Estonia

Overcoming Strong Reactions to Foods

Before the NLPprocess I had such a strong reaction to caffeine - half a cup and I'd be wracked with tummy cramps. Since coffee seems to have no adverse effects at all. Julia's gentleness and skill made it seem like nothing - I was surprised and delighted when I discovered I was free to enjoy coffee again.
Jessamine Matheson, MSc Medical Informatics, London

Julia introduced me to NLP and single-handedly propelled me on an amazing journey. NLP proved to be extremely useful - from curing phobias to improving my spelling abilities. Even my reaction to citrus fruit is now a distant memory!  Warm and caring, Julia helped me to overcome many personal obstacles. She manages to create a "safe haven", a nurturing atmosphere, which enables you to tackle some of the most painful issues. And the most amazing thing is that in a few days you can't even remember what the initial problem was!
Elena Stern, Auckland


In May I had one session with Julia. Since then I have been sleeping really well and deeply. Now in December, half year later, I am still sleeping really well, going to sleep naturally and waking to my alarm. I love going to bed knowing I am going to get a great sleep.
Kim Broome, Auckland, 2011

I was not able to go back to sleep once I woke up in the middle of the night. After telling m eabout sleeping problems in general, Julia guided me through the Time Line process. During the process I went back to my younger days and came back to“now” feeling quite refreshed. I do not really understand what happened but sinc ethen I am sleeping more deeply and peacefully. Once in a while I wake up in the middle of the night, and I am more relaxed about it and go back to sleep before I know it. Thank you, Julia!  It’s a big change!
Momoko Adachi, Teacher, age 64, Kyoto, Japan, 2010

Thank you so much for the clear NLP healing you gave me. I am mostly sleeping adequately – 5–7 hours almost every night. After 2years of experiencing sleep problems this is fantastic! The main thing is around integrating all that I have learned about midlife transitions from my work as a career coach into my own process and constructing a new sense of meaning for the next phase of my career. Your session helped me to do that. A whole new reframing of my life has happened – thank you!
Kaye Avery, ­Career Coach, Auckland www.career-coach.co.nz

I've had sleep difficulties for years, whereby I've experienced periods of early morning wakening which left me very tired the next day. These periods often coincided with times of increased stress but not always. I had 3 sessions with Julia and found that after each session my sleep improved. After the 3rd session, I found my sleep was deeper at night and much more restful. I was no longer disturbed by the cat mi-owing, my husband snoring, or other factors that used to disturb me. The NLP process we used in the session was relaxing and positive, and seemed to be too easy! How could a simple session improve years of sleep problems? NLP did work really well for me. I'm not lying awake at 3am-4amany longer. It is a pleasure to go to bed and sleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed. I'd recommend seeing Julia for similar sleep problems.
Lyn, Project Leader, Auckland­

I've had trouble sleeping since I was a teenager, falling asleep wasn't the problem, but I'd wake in the early hours of the morning and then fail to go back to sleep withmy mind working overtime. I didn't realise how this lack of sleep had effected all areas of my life until I went for a session with Julia. After 1.5 hours I had some simple, yet incredibly effective tools to help improve my sleep, and they've worked for me. I feel so much more positive about life, I look forward to going to bed and know that I will sleep well and I wake up with more energy, looking forward to the day ahead. I can't thank Julia enough forher help in this area of my life, it has truely been life changing.
Kate Green, Teacher and Full-time Mum, Auckland

Even if I wake early in the morning I can now go back to sleep for a while, which I couldn't do before. I also am not waking up with my shoulders around my ears and with lots of pain in my neck!  People say I look much more relaxed and happier than I did before I came to see you, and I agree - I feel lighter.
­Jessica Head, Caregiver, Northland