Trauma, Separation, Grief 

Nightmares and trauma

Some time ago something unexpected and traumatic occurred, which totally re-shaped my ordinary everyday life. I did adjust and get on with my new life, however, as the one year anniversary approached, I started experiencing nightmares about it, with increasing frequency until I was dreading going to bed. In just one session with Julia, I resolved the issues that had been troubling me and have now been nightmare free for over one month. I also feel more resourceful and compassionate to myself and others. Thank you Julia!
Anon, New Zealand, 2014

Overcoming Shock and Moving Forward

I had an unexpected life shock earlier this year - one I was not sure if I could manage and was concerned for the impacts on myself and the people closest to me. With great empathy, Julia helped me with skills to gain confidence and take positive action, when I actually felt like staying under the duvet. We had 5 phone sessions; I found that NLP works just as well over the phone as in face to faces essions. Four months on, and I find my life actually better than before this challenge arose. I have better insight into the effects of my actions(and non-actions), I cleaned up some past issues which I had not dealt with in my whole life. Julia helped me start the process of reinventing my life fo rthe better. I never thought I'd be grateful for those events, but I am. My relationships at work, at home and all areas of my life are much better. I feel in charge of my brain and my thoughts, not the other way around.
B.R., New Zealand

I recently had a change in life circumstances where my partner and I separated. I was devastated, feeling upset and hurt. Over a period of a few weeks I had 3 NLP sessions that made a huge difference to my state of mind - helped me put things into perspective and enabled me to tap into my inner strength. I’ve become very focused on moving forward and creating a new beginning for myself.Yes, there’s been times when I’ve still felt upset but these have been fleeting and I feel like the process of “letting go” has been fast-tracked. I now  have a new home, am working on building my business and enjoying new activities with friends – all in a few weeks. As a fellow NLP Practitioner it's aprivilege to experience Julia’s coaching. She has a beautiful style, wisdom,insight, and energy and immediately creates an environment that opens updiscussions and possibilities. In every session I felt understood, cared for and supported. I highly recommend Julia as a Coach - she is truly masterful!
Michelle Dalley, Leadership Coach,

I was disturbed about the fact that my father is dying soon. The session was very helpful inmaking me feel calm about it and also about the whole thing of life and death. Now I am ready to spend quality time with my father while he is alive. I am sure he will be able to give me something that no one else can. The session was like a gift to me and my family! Thank you so much!