Personal Coaching

Create the life you want. Overcome challenges and make changes that last; get clear about what is important to you in any area of your life, set goals based on that; combine all of your skills and strengths with new ones and achieve your goals...

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Professional Coaching

Create more success and satisfaction in your professional life. Take what you are already doing well to the new level of excellence, deliver your best while continuing your professional development...

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Training and Workshops

Create an NLP Coaching career or learn more about how you can use NLP in your life with the New Zealand's largest NLP Training organisation and a world-leading NLP development centre Transformations. For NLP trainings in New Zealand and overseas...

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Why Coaching and Who Is It For?

NLP Coaching works so well because it looks through limitations and focuses on your ability to change and develop. The main benefit of having a coach is to have someone help you discover this ability and build on your strengths so you can apply them to any area of your life. I offer coaching to those who want to: 
  • Present with confidence
  • Set direction in life and achieve goals
  • Create high self esteem and confidence
  • Communicate effectively and resolve conflicts
  • Handle stress and criticism with ease
  • Learn relaxation, quiet the mind, create inner peace

My services are available to people with:

  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Lack of motivation, direction, and purpose
  • Stressful emotions (anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt)
  • Unwanted habits and thoughts
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Internal conflicts
  • Relationship and communication challenges

Who Chooses Coaching?

I have worked with:

  • Business owners, managers, senior managers, CEOs
  • IT people, engineers, brokers, sales reps, property and real estate agents
  • Performers, singers, musicians, actors, directors, producers
  • Teachers, trainers, HR consultants
  • NLP and wellbeing professionals