Professional Coaching

Clarity in Business Direction

Before our session I didn’t have enough clarity around where I wanted to take my businessand I had a few blocks that I needed to turn into stepping stones. Now I know exactly where I’m going. In the past I was concerned that if I focused only on one area, I may not attract enough business.  Now that I focus on what I want and do what I love, I’ve never been busier. When I opened up my thinking so many doors also opened up to me. Many thanks Julia; you have a wonderful knack for getting to the core of things quickly and easily.
Gail Page
, ­BusinessCoach, Hawkes Bay,

Growing NLP Coaching Business

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. My journey with NLP and personal change has been long. I know a lot.And still I became stuck in my own life. Literally stuck on the couch!  My outcome working with Julia was to become highly motivated to growing my NLP/Coachingbusiness. Julia's deep rapport and expertise was gentle and powerful. Her knowing of exactly how to guide me to draw on my own resources and to leadme to experience deep gratifying change, was profound. I now get up with a compelling sense of mission to participate in the life I was born to live.  Thank you beautiful Julia, with all my heart.”
Jane Stammers, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, NZ, 2014

"The session gave the substance to my dream!"
RH, New Zealand, 2013

Working with Julia has been an amazing experience that has changed my life. The changes in my outlook happen so rapidly that I can go into my appointment scared and come out an hour later feeling confident. When you work in a creative industry it is easy to have doubts and hard keeping up the motivatio nneeded for success. Getting rid of my doubts systematically and taking away the emotional weight, Ihave been able to achieve things that weren't possible before. I would recommend working with Julia using NLP to anyone who has a desire to change negative thought patterns, fears, achieve confidence, gain motivation and lead the very best life possible.
Nina McSweeney, Singer, Auckland

I booked a 1.5 hrsession with Julia and it changed to 3 hrs of awesome experience. I needed clarity on a number of issues and Julia allowed me to take a look at some limiting beliefs from my past at a very deep level and to heal and change them. I now feel as if I have stepped back into my life and am taking charge again instead of being a bystander. I have clarity about my future and feel energized and enthusiastic in my work again. I can see options for myself and am excited about the future. For the week after I saw Julia I kept getting overwhelming bursts of bliss that are truly transforming. Julia is the most amazing, intuitive, gentle person I have ever known. She is just incredible and very very skilled!!
Liz A. Trainer Auckland

Managing Stress and Dealing with Challenges

Working with Julia and the NLP model helped me to clarify issues in my life that were holding me back. Problems now seem to melt away and everything seems to have an easy solution. It has improved my everyday happiness and the sense of getting on top of things. What could have been a stressful job change, has gone seamlessly and I feel confident I can deal with the challenges and changes using my personal strengths. Thank you Julia for opening up a new positive world to me.
­Account Manager, Advertising, Auckland