Personal Coaching

Feeling Empowered

"It has been great working with you. I have really learnt a lot and feel generally a lot more empowered within life." - S Grieveson, Auckland, 2016

From Insecurities to Feeling Empowered

A month after our 2 sessions, I've been really good! I've been attracting the people I want to surround myself with. Those feelings I used to feel all the time (insecurities, trust issues, sadness) have completely gone, and when I find myself trying to go back to that feeling, it feels as if it's not even there. So, I’ve been happy lately, and feel like I've progressed a lot!
­Bank Manager, Auckland, 2016

It is hard to put into words how much I have benefited from working with Julia except to say that three sessions with her have achieved what 12 years of antidepressants, psychologists and psychiatrists couldn’t. She is warm and empathetic and she made it possible for me to talk about things I have never shared with anyone. I am now free of medication and have never felt better. For the first time I feel excited about the future and empowered to put my mind to anything. I can never thank Julia enough and would encourage anyone who wants to improve their life to see her. 
­Brigitte Ellis, Personal Assistant, Auckland

Julia’s session was simply wonderful. During this NLP training, I was feeling that something about it does not fit me. The session solved the issue as well as the situation that I wanted to change. I no longer feel depressed. Instead I feel wonderful. I do not quite understand what happened in me, and anyway I feel like a completely new person.
­Yousuke Watanabe, Student, Japan

Improve Sleep, Let Go off Resentment, Transform Relationship - in 3 sessions!

Thank you for 3 NLP sessions over the last 6 months. It is so encouraging to have addressed 3 major issues that were influencing my life in such a negative way. It is wonderful to think that with your assistance I have found the capacity to change such well rehearsed behavioural patterns! Difficulty sleeping, a relationship issue, and resentment around some challenging changes in my life,all constantly seen from the same unhelpful perspective. A few hours investigating alternative approaches and outcomes has removed these repetitive responses and opened my mind to my desired choices. Thank you.
L.S., New Zealand, 2012

Motivation to Exercise

ONE YEAR after the SESSION, Nov 2009:
A year ago I came to see you for an NLP session to exercise and to cut down on my boozing. I only had one session with you but yesterday I completed the AKL half marathon, I’m now tee-total, and I’m also now a yoga teacher.  Magic,all of that from one session.
Nov 2008: After years of fighting with myself over why I should do exercise,now the "should" has gone, and I actually WANT to do HEALTHY FUN.I've been getting up early and going for runs, have been swimming and on a 2 hour cycle. There isn't the same effort there. And since I'm now more efficient, I'm drinking less wine as I'm getting more done so don't need the excuse to drink to avoid doing more! I even volunteered to run Round the Bays in March! 1 & 3/4 hours very well spent with you Julia. You're brilliant.
Claire Balfour, Auckland

Confidence & Self Belief

Working with Julia was a very pleasant experience, I've had a few sessions to date covering confidence and self-belief amongst other things. She was professional in her approach and quickly achieved results. While it was a strange experience because I never felt that there were any dramatic changes when talking to Julia, the subsequent differences in my life resulting from the sessions were exceptional. I believe that Julia has the skills to help others with a variety of issues and would recommend anyone who like to improve any aspect of their life to work with her.
Funds Manager, NZ, 2011

Transforming Negative Thought Patterns into Positive Forward Thinking

Working with Julia has given me the choice and mind space to break away from old negative thought patterns that were very dominating, and left room for positive forward thinking to take place. I feel a huge shift has occurred in my mind affecting every aspect of my expression of self. Every day I have moments where I find myself overwhelmed by positive thoughts and I'm always quite taken aback bythat incredible shift. NLP was the beginning of a process, it put me in a mindspace that attracted other important learning tools into my life that havecontinued my progress forward both generally and as an artist. The future is now a bright and exciting myriad of possibilities - I feel as though I can do anything!
­Rachelle Pedersen, Artist, Auckland

I went to see Julia because I was going through huge change in my life, feeling lost and fearful. I had two sessions of NLP that have helped me move forward with clarity and purpose. As a bonus, Julia coached me for 10 minutes on 'closing the sale', giving me constructive feedback and direction. As a result I am selling with more confidence and assertiveness. I am so grateful to you Julia. I feel I can achieve anything! Thank you for your kindness and expertise.
Christine, Auckland

I worked with Julia in 2007-2009. She helped me tremendously, and I am immensely grateful for the changes she helped me make in my life. Julia is an amazing and creative NLP therapist, an expert delivering great results.
Laurie Scott, Development Director, College of Nursing at Medical University of South Carolina, USA, 2011

NLP has been an immeasurable experience for me. Having been to lots of counselling over the years, I've found Julia and her process to be fantastic, useful - the PERFECT combination of research based reading material, which I am able to use outside of the sessions; discovering of my true SELF; and NLP exercises used by Julia to help me reprocess my brain. Truly a godsend for me, I would recommend Julia in a heartbeat. Thank you so so much, you ROCK!!!
Wendie, New Zealand, 2013

Getting Clarity and Control to Achieve Goals

Three weeks agoI had a session with Julia. I found her to be warm, professional, and very easy to talk with. Throughout the session, she listened very carefully to me. By the end of the session I was able to see much more clearly which steps I can take from now on to help me achieve the outcome I have set. She helped me realize that I was already doing many things well, and she then worked with me to find some other alternatives I had not yet thought of. The whole process was gentle yet quick. Right after leaving the session I realized that something had shifted, and I felt much more clear about the issue than before the session started. The shor ttime I spent with Julia was extremely valuable, and in the time since then, Ihave felt much more in control of achieving my goals.
Louise Haynes, Educator, Nagoya, Japan, 2011 

Life Direction

I went to see Julia because I struggled with direction in life. I used to be a happy bubbly person but in the past two years I struggled to feel successful and happy in my business and in personal life. My life on the surface looked totally normal to others and extremely successful to some, yet I knew something was missing. I desperately wanted to find it. I was so lucky to find and meet Julia. She has a very kind approach and ability to make you feel at ease while talking through and rectifying deep personal issues. After only few sessions with Julia I felt as if I was woken up.  Unbelievable magic started happening to me. My feelings and sensations returned to me, I remembered how to daydream and all the things around me became exciting again. Fantastic opportunities started tocome my way and I got the drive to take my business to the next level. I’ve become happy and bubbly again. Julia helped me to rediscover myself.Thank you Julia, I am forever grateful for your help.
E.K., Property Investor, Auckland

I had two sessions with Julia as I wanted to generate change in my life with goals and emotions. During the process I went on journeys of self-discovery. The process was very gentle and unfolded as I became more open and trusted Julia. I was surprised how easily and quickly it all happened and a lot of past behaviours and situations made sense. I gained understanding and learning and sent healing so that I could move forward. My life is unfolding in ways that I had not anticipated. I am making new connections with lots of new people and having new experiences. I am enjoying the journey!
Jane, Wellington

I've been learning various kinds of therapies and mostly happy with them. Still I began to notice that my life is not as enjoyable as I want it to be. The session with Julia reminded me that I've been too absorbed in finding solutions for problems and left the most important thing unattended. It was such a valuable discovery that I was moved to tears. The session brought me a profound change!Julia’s smile and her words “Healing means going back to the whole” will guide me from now on. I am deeply grateful to Julia for giving me love, courage,and something precious that is indescribable in words.
K. H., Counselor, Osaka, Japan

Deep Relaxation

I wish to thank Julia for her great listening skills and relaxing hypnotherapy sessions. Both Julia and Richard have a special approach which I have found to be effective for me. Their NLP tape is a “must” – it’s an hypnotherapist at your fingertips."
Heather Falkenstein, Auckland

Letting Go of Guilt and Moving Forward

During the session with Julia I was able to get what I truly needed at the moment. I came to realize that there was this sense of guilt that was stopping me frommoving toward my goal.  I feel more integrated into a better self now. It is two weeks since our session, and I find myself taking action toward my goal! Thank you so much, Julia, for your leading that was quiet, calm, encouraging and warm. My thanks to Momoko, the translator, for her patience.
Y.S., Company Employee, Osaka, Japan 

Changes That Last and Spread Through Life

Two years ago, I had a single session with Julia in which she helped me set some specific goals. We worked on the blocks that I felt had been keeping me from achieving what I want. I was surprised to see how quickly and easily these blocks became manageable using simple processes that Julia guided me through. Within a few months, I had gotten what I wanted, seemingly without effort. Even better than that, by working with Julia in one  short session, I gained a lot of control over the workings of how I think and thus act. This has led to many exciting experiences these past two years as the things I learned spread to all areas of my life.
Charles Hill, high school teacher & translator/editor, Mishima, Japan

Letting Go of Negative Memories

During just th eone session I had with Julia I was able to let go a lot of negative experiences that I had carried around with me for years. I was able to put the seexperiences and related emotions behind me and into my past. The sense of relief was enormous!! I felt like all that 'baggage' had gone!! The whole experience was so gentle and peaceful that it was hard to comprehend the shif tin me could be so dramatic. And now several weeks later I still feel thefreedom of that release. I am a more balanced, happy and energetic person and "life is full steam ahead". My session with Julia has truly been a life changing experience.
­Helen L, Auckland

Managing Stress at Home and Work

I have found NLP a very useful and rewarding experience. I took my 8 year old son along for my first meeting with Julia. He was very interested about how NLP worked and asked to participate in the session under Julia’s guidance very happily and willingly. Both my son and I finished the first session with a very positive outlook. The following sessions that I had by myself were just as enlighteningand positive, and I highly recommend Julia and NLP.
PD, Team Manager, Auckland