Coaching and Supervision with NLP & Helping Professionals

Connecting Knowledge, Practice, and Supervision

After Supervision Session I felt the importance of connecting knowledge and practice. My outcome was to be in a meta-position so that I would not be caught in a situation when client agrees with me on the surface only, i.e. “Yes, you are right, but…”  Julia said that she had similar experiences, and reminded me of the Six Stages of ending the addiction cycle (by Prochaska and DiClemente) that we studied in Master Prac: (1) Pre-contemplation: Not considering it an issue. (2) Contemplation: Someone is not sure if she should quit addiction or not. (3) Commitment: Make a decision to quit it. (4) Action: Take action. (5) Maintenance: Create a new lifestyle. (6) Recycling: Be able to recover if the same thing happens in future.  Often someone who wants to change goes through this cycle (with any change, not only with addictions). As coaches we need to remember that the techniques we'd use at stages 3-4 will not work at stages 1-2, when client is still ambivalent about changing. I do know this Model, and it was great to put it into practice.  Julia understood what got me stuck and gave me a practical advice. I was reminded that as coaches/counsellors, it is easy for us to align with a client's desire to change. Being in a meta-position means attending to both parts of client’s ambivalence: the Part that wants to change and the Part that does not; finding out the positive intentions of both parts. Discussing our work in supervision helps us connect our knowledge and practice together which gives us more choices. I realized that these 3 things: 1- Training (taking a course), 2- Practice (working with clients), and 3- Professional Supervision with a senior coach, help us coaches to grow in a spiral. Yuko Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

I met Julia in November 2013 at an NLP & Spirituality training. This was a very personal feeling but I immediately felt that Julia radiated something special like: presence, alignment, generosity, love, empathy, peace and energy at the same time... Having that kind of feeling toward a person is quite rare and precious for me. So, I said to myself that Iwould love to work with her one day... This "day" actually transformed in a "2 Skype NLP sessions". Despite the fact that I was a little sceptical the first time about the idea of working by Skype, those 2 sessions were very useful for me and completely met my aim which was to overcome some fears and doubts. In only 2 sessions with a combination of gentleness, expertise, presence, integrity that really define Julia... Julia just helped me reconnecting myself deeply to my inner light. I was really moved by the"rapport" that Julia built during these sessions. These 2 sessions will remain precious moments in my life and are already a positive turning point in my personal, so as in my professional life. Julia, you cannot imagine all the things I learned during those sessions... Or,perhaps you can :) Thank you so much Julia for that wonderful journey...” - "Wherethere is love, there is life" (Mahatma Gandhi) With love and light. - Sylvie Mann-Moulédous, New Caledonia (

"I had two NLP sessions with Julia. She teaches a workshop “Creating Change in a Single Session", and that is what her work is about. We had quite some fun in the sessions, and I experienced very fast and practical results. She is also an excellent NLP trainer. She delivers great results with good value and high integrity. I highly recommend working with her.
Stéphane Witzmann
, Director, SW Coaching, Paris, France, 2011

The food of the Ancient Ones is Communication - "Ko te kai a te rangatira, he korero"

This is so relevant today as it ever was, the key is in the words, the ability to use the words and the respect that people gain so that their words are listened to. Julia Kurusheva has this gift cloaked with elegance and integrity." -Teri Taukamo, NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, NZ, 2014

As a family person, an owner of two businesses, a manager of an active learning and coaching team for a government organisation and participant of other groups; not only does time become a precious commodity but how I live that existence,and the manner in which ‘I am’ is important. So, it was vital to me in early 2008, that in seeking an NLP Supervisor that I find a person who would add value by giving professional advice and being a knowledgeable source of information, while leaving me in charge of my own outcomes. And, to find a synergistic coach that could strike a balance between their use of the mind, heart and soul, and appreciate that I have my own view and qualities to share. Julia Kurusheva is just that person. Many thanks Julia for your time, wisdom and humour.
Maria Noone, Principle Coach and Trainer, Auckland

As a Career Consultant at Unitec New Zealand, it is important that my personal and emotional state of being is balanced to be in a position to give my clients the best service possible. Having been fortunate enough to have Julia Kurusheva, NLP Master Practitioner, as my professional supervisor through the Unitec support system, I have worked through personal and professional issues that helped enhance and improve not only my own life but also those of the people I work with. The NLP techniques are applicable in any situation and create life changing experiences.
Julienne Rose, Career Consultant, UNITEC Career and Employment Centre

I am so grateful to Julia for helping me overcome challenges, which I had endured from many years ago. I thought I had coped with and resolved the issues at the time.However upon revisiting what had happened years later, a lot of various emotions arose: anger, deceit, and sadness. I felt totally exhausted and had no energy. Julia took me through time line change process after which I felt much better. My sleep that night was the best I had for a long time. When I woke up the next day I noticed a total release of all the negative emotions, as if a huge weight had been removed from my shoulders. It's now been two months since,and my outlook and emotions are all positive. Whether it may be emergency services, doctors, counselors, NLP practitioners, or teachers - we are all  human. As a fellow NLP practitioner I highly recommend Julia. She treats you with respect and dignity, her care and compassion comes from her heart. Julia you are wonderful! Thank you.
Gerri McFadden
, Newpath NLP Consulting & Training,Tauranga, 2011

As full time practising NLP practitioners, one of the many perks of this work and lifestyle is having a network of highly skilled therapists and coaches (who inevitably become your close friends) to see for support; when you yourself need some help letting go of something, changing something or simply continuing to practise anything which allows you to be the highest and best version of yourself. Julia Kurusheva is one such person who plays that important role in my life. I have worked with Julia on this level a number of times and really enjoy going to see her not only for the results I know I will get (which are always consistently good) but also for the whole "experience" - for she is compassionate, humorous, highly skillful and has a kind of spiritual energy which allows you to be immediately relaxed and healed. Her dedication and skill, and inclination to help others is truly a model to me, so thank you again for everything Julia!"
Charlotte Hinksman
, ­NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Wellington­

For years I had trouble with starting out in business successfully and then jumping off track and closing down, refusing to do it. After just one session with Julia I have restarted the business and this time I know I will keep going. I feel a lot calmer, and it has helped me focus clearly in a number of work related areas in order to achieve consistent results the way I want them. I see and feel a tremendous difference in how I handle life’s daily challenges - both personallyand professionally. The results were immediate. It has transformed my life in ways I never imagined and I’ve been able to achieve outcomes that I was beginning to think were not possible. Julia's gentle style with effective NLP coaching techniques allowed me to access a depth of personal power and peace of mind I’ve always possessed but could not access in this area of life. Her memory, attention to detail, and skills in applying NLP are amazing. Thank you Julia, for helping me get back my spark!
Christine Lusana, NLP Trainer, Recruitment Consultant, Christchurch

Having come through various challenges I was unfocused in which direction I was heading, constantly procrastinating. Julia took me through time line change process.Within the period of one hour later everything became extremely clear to me,and I immediately put action to my plans. I feel energised and amazingly focused about the steps and processes that I need to take to achieve my goals.My thoughts are clear, and I am amazed at how quickly this change has occurred.It is so effective. Thank you so much.
Gerri McFadden, ­NLP Consulting &Training, Tauranga­

Deep Relaxation

During my NLP training I was having difficulty relaxing and being able to trust my mind to visualise and practise the techniques we were being taught. Julia with patience and gentleness helped me identify what was necessary to achieve this and guided me through an amazing process. Afterwards I felt (and still feel) empowered.
Ros Bingham, Midwife, New Zealand