Listen to the Podcast by Better Choices for Life.

  • Season 1 Ep 01: Transforming Anxiety

    Welcome to our first podcast episode! We are dedicating the first season to an issue which is the No.1 complaint amongst our clients, and highly common among the general population. We are talking about ‘Anxiety’ and the problems associated with it, and offer you free tools and techniques to overcome it.

  • Season 1 Ep 02: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking - Before Your Talk

    In the next three episodes – Before, During, and After Your Talk – we will focus on strategies that can help you overcome your nerves and improve your public speaking skills. We share simple and practical tools that you can use to dramatically improve your public speaking. To develop individual techniques in one-on-one coaching, get in touch with Julia.

  • Season 1 Ep 03: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking – During Your Talk

    Welcome to Episode 3, in which we share simple and effective tools that you can use to overcome nerves during your presentation.

  • Season 1 Ep 04: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking - After Your Talk

    What you do AFTER Your Talk can tremendously affect your next presentation! Learn simple strategies that will help you become better at public speaking, faster.

  • Season 1 Ep 05: Strategies to Overcome Trauma and Phobia

    Along with guest Dr. Richard Bolstad, an expert in the field of NLP, we talk about what happens in the brain when someone goes through a traumatic event, the current research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and techniques that can help someone recover from trauma.

  • Season 1 Ep 06: Strategies to Improve your Resilience

    Do you want to learn how to be more resilient in challenging situations in your personal or professional life? Listen to episode 6 of our Podcast series, where Dr. Richard Bolstad explains the keys to creating resilience. Learn how using these strategies can help you to respond better when there appears to be a ‘crisis’.

  • Season 1 Ep 07: Get Into Positive Feeling States on Purpose (for Adults)

    Welcome to Episode 7, where we share techniques on how you can get in to a state of Confidence and Relaxation easily.

  • Season 1 Ep 08: Get Into Positive Feeling States on Purpose (for Children)

    Do you or someone you know have a child who gets upset, angry or scared in certain situations? In episode 8, we talk to an eight year old child and show her how to feel confident and better manage a stressful situation.

  • Season 1 Ep 09: Discover How to Sleep Better Easily

    Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again? Or maybe it’s a mixture of both? If so, this episode is for you! Sleep better by learning new secrets to falling asleep naturally and easily.

  • Season 1 Ep 10: Improve Your Mind Talk and Transform Yourself

    Feel like your mind is racing at a hundred miles per hour? Tired of negative critical Mind Talk? Want to know about this ONE thing that can skyrocket your chances of success?

  • Season 1 Ep 11: Discover Your New and Powerful Self Image

    Feeling anxious in a social or work situation? Want to overcome this issue? In episode 11, Julia and Nakul show you how to transform your Self Image. Experience a dramatic shift in how you feel and respond, and boost your confidence.

  • Season 1 Ep 12: Resolving Anxiety - Season Review

    In this final episode we do a review of Season 1