Anxiety (fear, nerves, panic attacks, phobias)

Fear of Public Speaking and Presenting in Business

I came to see Julia for help with presentations as my new work required me to speak a lot to small and large groups of people. I felt very uncomfortable doing it. We had only 3 sessions; and today I got the AWARD for my contribution to business! Thank YOU for helping me and taking me through that intense time.
Risk Sales Specialist, Insurance, NZ, 2014

Before my session with Julia, I’d experienced profound panic/anxiety attacks even thinking about getting up in public to speak. I had one 2-hour session with her, and although there were some jitters, I was able to get up to talk the next Toastmasters’ meeting I attended. Since then, I’ve had no issue whatsover, not even a jitter, and actually actively search out opportunities to get up and talk in public – I’ve been missing out for the last 35 years, and I feel like I want to get out there and talk about anything and everything in front of a group! Thanks Julia.
Jeremy Zinzan, Tourism Edge Ltd, Auckland

What can I say other than a profound Thank-You for your understanding, help and empathy and your great skill with working with the NLP processes. After working under pressure at a senior level for long hours over many years I started experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. Those had a huge impact on my personal and professional life. No amount of talk therapy, herbal remedies or medication made any difference; in fact they made things worse. After struggling like this for more than 6 years and almost losing hope at ever feeling ‘normal’ again, I saw an NLP article on anxiety online and thought ‘Why not?’ Working with Julia has restored the quality of my life. I no longer have that knot in my stomach or dread the day ahead. My energy is back along with my enthusiasm for life. Thank you!
David Pentz, Auckland,

Before my NLP session
I wanted to feel relaxed and confident when presenting to groups, in business meetings with dominant people and pressure situations like interviews. In these situations my voice could quiver, or I’d have trouble breathing when speaking, would feel nervous, and sometimes would even feel nervous the night before.
After 1.5hr NLP session
The presentation went very well, I was confident and in control the wholetime. At one point the thought of being nervous entered my mind but I did not feel it, and the thought quickly passed. I feel in control and assertive. Consciously I still don’t believe I am totally over my nervousness. I said to my wife I need to take on something bigger to give it a real test. What a great outlook - previously I was nervous of what I may have to do - now I am eager to find bigger tests for myself. So, I am very happy. I still do not fully believe it, but I am feeling great, so thanks!
Senior Manager, Auckland

I went to see Julia to work through an intense fear of public speaking and doing presentations to groups. In just 3 sessions the change was very noticeable. I felt more empowered and relaxed during my presentations at work and I have been going from strength to strength ever since. Julia put me at ease straight away and has a wonderful caring and gentle manner. My experience with Julia was extremely enriching and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives through NLP.
Evelyn, Auckland

Unease at Job Interviews

I came to see Julia after “choking” at a job interview. I had really wanted the job, had plenty of relevant experience and was well prepared for the interview. However once I was in the hot seat I found couldn’t think of good work examples to answer their behavioural interview questions and came across as awkward and under skilled. The thing that bothered me most was that I left the interviewers with the wrong impression of my skills and abilities.  About a week after my session with Julia I was interviewed for another job. I had the two face-to-face interviews with different people and both groups specifically commented on how well I came across. I was articulate and confident and gave excellent work examples. Apparently I was a “breath of fresh air”. I was offered the job almost immediately and at a salary $20K higher than I was expecting. The work I did with Julia definitely made the difference. The interview didn’t faze me at all and the interviewers got to see the real me. Many thanks, Julia.

Henry. T, Auckland, 2012

Fear of Meeting and Speaking to People

I went to see Julia for help with social situations. I get anxious in social situations and get uncomfortable with eye contact. I was impressed with Julia's insightfulness as she helped me break this down into 3 specific issues: Anxiety in social situations / A fear of criticism / Being shame bound.

The results after 4 sessions are terrific. My fear of criticism has  dramatically dropped, so much so that I was recently on a course and was asked “Why can't other people accept feedback as well as you do?” Almost daily I notice myself asking questions to clarify feedback - that is something I didn't used to do. Being shame bound went so easily - 1 session. I used to wake up every morning with a list of regrets and write them down. I don't do this anymore. I've nearly forgotten I used to need to do this.
Social anxiety is greatly reduced. I'm still working on this but I've made some new friends by saying Yes to social invitations that I’d have avoided in the past. They now want me to meet some of their friends.
Andrew, Auckland, 2012

Before NLP Work
My issue is that when I’m put in a social situation and asked to speak (public speaking, meeting new people at work or socially), I get anxious, feel my heart racing, sometimes to a point where I’m sweating.  I want to overcome this.
After 1st session
I’ve really noticed a positive change in the way I speak to people personally and in groups, and I am feeling much better about myself in these situations, which is why I must say thank you again for our session!  Aside from this, I came across a situation when I was talking to a female one to one: I started talking calm, then started to feel nervous, sweaty and then got lost for words.
After 2nd session
There have been a couple of instances, once talking to a few guys in a group, I started to get nervous for no reason and without thinking, I myself asked them a question and suddenly didn’t feel nervous (which I learnt from last session!) The other time was being introduced to a new girl at work, I got anxious but I controlled myself again. I've definitely seen very positive improvements with myself and in turn improving my self esteem every day, feels good.
Two months after our work things are really on the up for me, recently I’ve been promoted at work along with a big pay rise which I hold you responsible for :) It is a powerful tool you share with others and I would recommend NLP to anyone.
Anon, NZ, 2011

I would strongly recommend Julia for any help you need in overcoming your personal issues. I used to be very fearful of meeting new people in social settings and for some reason it'd cause me tremendous stress. I’d turn down invitations to functions and work-dos as meeting new people would make me very uncomfortable.However all this changed after completing a single consultation session with Julia. Almost miraculously overnight I became a lot more confident and calm in the presence of others. I attended my wife’s Christmas work-do and had a great time interacting with her colleagues even though I never knew most of them. It’s been a lot easier going into shops or striking up a conversation with people I’ve only just met. I would not able to do this without Julia’s help. Thanks Julia.
David, New Zealand

Performance Anxiety

I really enjoyed our session and used the techniques you taught me before my performance and it was very helpful. It was a good performance and I was very happy with it afterwards. I will use this technique and I know it will be great. I feel quite excited about it. I have also been sleeping better and am actually without realising it applying the same ideas to other areas of my life, so am feeling happy, relaxed, less worried about everything. Thank you, I do believe that I am on the right track and things feel and look more positive.
­J.S., Singer, Auckland

Phobia of Shaking Hands

My problem was that I could not shake hands easily because my hands were wet and I did not like myself for having wet hands. After one session I had a chance to shake hands, and this time my hand were nice and dry. The other person said "My hands are wet" and wiped her hand on her clothes - it used to be the other way around! I am beginning to feel that wet hands are just part of me and that it is all right to have wet hands. I am so happy that I had a session with Julia. Thank you so much!
Hiromi, Career Consultant, Osaka, Japan

Nervious Response and Anxiety 

Thank you for life-changing experience. I cant’ believe I've spent 27 yrs feeling something I didn’t need to feel, and now these feelings are gone. Profound. I wanted to change my nervous response and unnecessary anxiety (and anxiety about having anxiety!) which was acting as an underlying driver in my day to day stuff. Now, my nervous tension and anxiety have completely disappeared. I feel very grounded and anything that is making me feel tense, comes up as a dull, measured feeling now. I am no longer worrying about 'worst case scenarios'. My work is good because I'm not feeling stirred up by it and I actually feel very relaxed about my work direction and future, which I am loving.
Frances, Auckland

My session goal was to resolve the issue of my feeling toward my father. I always felt nervous and scared in the presence of my father. When I visited him for the first time after the session, I did not feel scared at all! Today in my meditation, my parents appeared in my mind. They were smiling and said “We love you”! I have never heard such a voice of theirs in my entire life! Then I started to feel that I love them too. The feeling was so invigorating and a bright light was all around me the next moment. The session was certainly the turning point in my life. Thank you.
Hideki Yamamoto, Company Employee, Japan

When my partner suggested going down the lift, my immediate response was to turn away because lifts are scary enough but the glass lift really gives me the creeps… well, it used to, because suddenly I said “Yeah, OK, lets do it!” As the lift went down, I didn't experience any anxiety at all. It was just so easy! I felt so relaxed and confident! I have definitely experienced some significant changes in the way I respond to situations and I'm now finding myself daydreaming about a huge range of activities and experiences that I would never have considered before. Gosh, life is exciting! Thanks Julia for helping me to find my relaxed and confident self.
Steph, Artist, Auckland

I walked out of my first session with Julia feeling as though the burden of fear which I had carried for 35 years had been lifted and replaced by the courage and strength that comes with self love. Since that day my life has a new dimension and I now live in the knowledge that I am safe and free to be myself, experiencing Life in all its fullness. Thank you, Julia, for creating this safe and supportive space of discovery!
Kathleen, Auckland