Coaching in Japan

The Importance of Supervision in Coaching

After Supervision session I felt the importance of connecting knowledge and practice. My outcome was to be in a meta-position so that I would not be involved in a situation when client agrees with me on the surface only, i.e. “Yes, you are right, but…” Julia said that she had similar experiences, and reminded me of the Six Stages of ending the addiction cycle (by Prochaska and DiClemente) that we studied in Master Prac training: (1) Pre-contemplation: Not considering it an issue. (2) Contemplation: Someone is not sure if she should quit addiction or not. (3) Commitment: Make a decision to quit it. (4) Action: Take action. (5) Maintenance: Create a new lifestyle. (6) Recycling: Be able to recover if the same thing happens in future. Often someone who wants to change goes through this cycle (with any change, not only with addiction). As coaches we need to remember that the techniques we'd use at stages 3-4 will not work at stages 1-2, when client is still ambivalent about changing. I do know this Model, and it was great to put it into practice. Julia understood what got me stuck and gave me a practical advice. I was reminded that as coaches/councellors, it is easy for us to align with a client's desire to change. Being in a meta-position means attending to both parts of client’s ambivalence: the Part that wants to change and the Part that does not; finding out the positive intentions of both parts. Discussing our work in supervision helps us connect our knowledge and practice together which gives us more choices. I realized that these 3 things: 1- Training (taking a course), 2- Practice (working with clients), and 3- Professional Supervision with a senior coach, help us coaches to grow in a spiral. – Yuko Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

New Lease on Life

If you feel trapped in reality’s difficult conditions and do not know how to get out, I strongly recommend Julia's session. My session was almost a shock to me, and the shock is spreading from my brain and reaching out into my whole life in general. Now I know how to look at myself and my life in a new way, and feel more resourceful than before. The session was truly a turning point in my life. Thank you and Ms. Adachi for her translation full of warm feelings, and thank you both for your great love."
Mr. Aoki, Real Estate Agent & Construction, Shiga, Japan, 2010

My aim was to move toward my goal with a stronger self affirmation. The session helped me to get a strong sense of self affirmation in my future years. Now I am more confident about achieving my goal and feel more affectionate toward my family who always support me. I also learned a lot from the way Julia treats her client. It was very warm and encouraging. I want to be able to model her when I do my work. Thank you.
A.M.Business Trainer, Japan

Clarifying Future Direction

I had a session with Julia about my future path. During the session I discovered I had two ambivalent feelings that kept me from moving forward. It seemed I blamed myself for holding one of the two feelings. Julia did not make any judgment and simply proceeded to Parts Integration. During the process my hands, representing two parts, started getting closer and joined together. I had strong feeling of two hands (parts) being united and integrated. Then Julia guided me to imagine going into my future. When I felt a little uneasy, a small bird brought me a green leaf with a message: “You will be all right.” Now I feel that whatever  happens in my future, I will be all right. Thank you for your gentle and warm session. It helped me shift my life to a much nicer direction!
Counselor, Japan, 2011

Understanding and Feeling Love for Myself

I began to be more aware of what is going in my mind, understand myself more and have more self-love. Julia’s session is smooth as silk, has a pleasant touch of cotton,and the gentleness of sunshine filtering through the branches of trees."
Tokiko, Japan, 2012

Emotional, Mental, and Physical Wellbeing

Since some 15 years ago I have felt something solid in my left brain and pain in that area; also the left half of my body felt strange as if it did not belong to me. Although I go to work, I do not enjoy it. I am depressed and I have felt that my life was out of balance.
During the session Julia used a metaphor, and I started feeling that the inside of my brain is calm and that things will go all right. We checked for the higher intention of the hard thing in my brain, and I was able to let go of the old ways, which was a surprise to me. I assumed that clinging to the old ways gave me stability, but realized what I always knew - that I needed to let go of the old ways. After this Parts Integration I had an image of my left brain melting into the right brain. A wonderful idea struck me that I can flow the excessive energy of my left brain to my right brain that needs more energy. The way (submodalities) I thought about my left brain changed and the change is still here with me. The next morning I was surprised to find my backache gone.  My brain feels much better and I can think more clearly. I feel more stable and composed emotionally.
Julia’s session has tranquility, gentleness, kindness, strength, patience and much more. It is simply wonderful. Thank you very much, Julia.
Anonymous, Counselor, Japan, 2010

Living Life with Passion

My outcome was to live my life with passion. After the session I began to feel very different about my daily life. Now I feel much more alive and comfortable than before. I am convinced that this feeling will be with me for a long time in to my future. It took some time for me to do the Parts Integration because there was some kind of stiffness in me. Julia was very good at treating a client like me. She was patient, warm and kind. I am very grateful that she offered me such a safe place to change. The moment the session was over, I heard some kind of sounds from my joints and bones that meant my stiffness was going to disappear. When I did the future pacing, I felt good because I was able to see my change as a clear vision. I am very happy that I did the session with Julia. Thank you very much!
Y.Y. self-employed, Japan, 2010

Finding Exit from a Difficult Situation

During the session I almost forgot that I had a translator because it went so smoothly. My condition was that I lost sight of the exit, and during the session it appeared in front of me. I realized that I already knew how to look for the exit which was a great discovery to me. Julia was there for me from the beginning to the end and heard me out so warmly. The outcome itself is on its way, in a slightly different form. Thank you very much.
M.W. Company Employee, Japan, 2010

“What impressed me the most was the rapport - Julia offered a safe setting so quickly, and I still remember her warm smile and presence. My theme was how to deal with clients who don’t seem to want to change (they’d say “I cannot change/I cannot do it”) while we are having sessions. One of the choices Julia offered was that I can refuse to see them. Perhaps other coaches would say the same thing. What was unique with Julia was that she respects the timing of the client who may not be ready for the change. I agreed completely that we coaches can trust our clients and trust that each one has their own way and pace of change.

If Julia had just said “You can decline them”, I'd still have felt guilty telling them that I could not help them. What I learned from Julia most is that she did future-pacing a lot. Perhaps, she was calibrating me very closely. By using hypnotic procedures, she invited me to imagine returning the client’s own feeling to the client and my feelings to me. By doing this, she helped me feel that there was a connection of love between the two of us. This way, even the act of refusing can be an act of love. What still remains with me is that what Julia does is based on love, a deep affection toward people. I felt that all the techniques and skills are based on love.

After the session, I no longer feel guilty toward people I decline. For those who stop coming by themselves, I am comfortable thinking: “Our policies do not seem to fit. The client noticed it first. So it is all right."
I'd like to have another session when Julia comes to Japan. Thank you very much for a session filled with abundant love, and Momoko-san for kind translation.”
Yuko Adachi, psychotherapist, Japan, 2012

When I arrived for my session with Julia, I was feeling a mix of heavy, negative emotions -guilt, pain and anger from a recent event as well as certain past events of my life that I realized I'd been holding onto. In a very gentle yet very effective way, Julia heard me out and guided me through the suitable NLP processes that helped me to clear those negative emotions, but at the same time helped me keep the learnings that I needed to move forward. By the end of the session, I felt clear, bright, and most of all, empowered (!). I was amazed at how much transformation could happen in one session. I attribute that to Julia's warm, caring way and her knowledge and skill with NLP. I really felt I was in great hands with her. Thank you so much, Julia!
M.T., Tokyo

In the same way one suddenly becomes aware that music must have been playing only at the moment that it’s turned off; in the same way I suddenly became aware that "guilt" has been a permanent feature of my entire life, just when you helped me heal it during our session. I'm talking about a permanent, underlying feeling of guilt, or obligation, in relation to every woman I had any relationship to for my entire life! This discovery is making an astonishing difference in my life now. I feel so much more relaxed, freer, and able to be myself! I am very grateful that you allowed me the time I needed to access that force and focus the energy and love, until I really felt I had completely healed that event!  A real transformation took place in me at that moment.
C.V., Japan

For the past 7-8years I felt that there were obstacles in my path. After the session I knew that they had melted away and gone. During the session I had the feeling that Julia understood not only what I said but also what I did not express in words. This was the first session that felt so warm. On my way home from the session, I noticed that even my way of walking was changed. Thank you so much,Julia.
N.Y., Counselor, Japan

For a long timeI have wanted to restore a relationship with someone, yet was not willing to do something about it. During the session, Julia guided me through the process and let me know how I would feel if the relationship was restored. She also let me understand the purpose of this restoration. When everything was so clear, I made up my mind to take action. The session also made me realize that my attitude, which caused some misunderstanding, had a purpose of protecting me as a young child. This clarification made me feel so peaceful.Thank you for your session that is full of warmth. My mind is very peaceful now.
Yoshimi H., Social Welfare, Japan

I was surprised to find that what I thought was a problem seemed like a situation where I was just stepping on the brake. I realized that problems do not actually exist. We create them.
Mayuko Shinoda, Therapist, Japan

After Julia’s session, I have felt so composed and peaceful, anxiety-free. I also know that this well-balanced feeling will last for a long time. The present and the past are clearly connected now, and I feel so refreshed and wonderful.
M.S., Student, Japan

My life has been fine both personally and professionally, and yet I knew that I was not expressing my feelings freely. I thought it was important to do this in a safe environment. During the session I was able to express my feelings and felt quite relieved. After the session I was not able to sleep well because the Time Line therapy scene kept coming back in my dreams. What I saw most clearly was my future. When morning came, my body felt light and I was fully awake, refreshed. I was so surprised as I thought I didn't sleep at all. It was such a mysterious night! Now, a few days later, I can see more clearly what I saw on my future timeline. I am so grateful to you, Julia.
Y.M., Counselor, Japan