Professional Coaching

Create more success and satisfaction in your professional life. 

Committed to your own personal growth or/and motivated to support your staff by providing healthy work environment? NLP coaching can help you and your staff deal with challenges (work & home related) as well as achieve new levels of excellence. 

  • Present with confidence, improve public speaking skills
  • Understand what drives you, and what is right for you and your business
  • Stay focused and motivated, overcome procrastination 
  • Deal with overwhelm, stress, and feeling stuck
  • Change unwanted habits and manage emotions 
  • Build confidence and handle criticism
  • Communicate effectively and deal with conflicts
  • Build stronger presence and self identity

Before our session I didn’t have enough clarity around where I wanted to take my business and I had a few blocks that I needed to turn into stepping stones. Now I know exactly where I’m going; I focus on what I want and do what I love, and I’ve never been busier. When I opened up my thinking, so many doors opened up to me. Many thanks Julia; you have a wonderful knack for getting to the core of things quickly and easily. - Gail Page, Business Coach,

“Two months after our work things are really on the up for me; recently I’ve been promoted at work along with a big pay rise which I hold you responsible for :)  It is a powerful tool you share with others and I would recommend NLP to anyone.” - Manager, NZ, 2011  

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