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  • NLP Scientific Research

    An extensive list of general NLP research studies and databases

  • The Fast Phobia Trauma Process Part 1

    Steve Andreas removes a woman's twenty year phobia of bees in 9 minutes. The follow up interview 25 years later is Part 2.

  • Original NLP Fast Phobia Process Part 2 - 25 Year Follow Up

    Twenty five years after Steve Andreas took this woman through the NLP Phobia process she's still completely free of any phobic response.

  • Richard Bolstad

    International NLP and Chi Kung trainer and the director of New Zealand's largest NLP training company Transformations. Great source of information and training materials on NLP, Chi Kung, Spirituality and more - courses, articles, books, CDs, DVDs produced by Richard and other trainers.

  • Universal Tao Garden

    Health and training retreat is located in northern Thailand. Tao Garden is an amazing tropical paradise offering a combination of holistic health and beauty treatments and courses in Healing Tao Chi Kung, which Julia is a certified practitioner of.

  • Aloha International

    Offering a range of fascinating trainings in Hawaiian Huna, shamanism of the Pacific. The founder, Serge Kahili King, is the author of many books on Huna. Julia is a certified practitioner of Advanced Huna Healing.