Quit Smoking & Annoying Habits (Compulsions/Aversions)

Unwanted Habits / Addictions

I had a session with Julia to overcome my chocolate addiction as it had gone out of control - I’d have one-two packets of Tim Tams a day. It’s been almost 2 months and I have not had any Tim Tams. This is a tremendous achievement!!! I do still have chocolate cravings but I feel I am in control. I hope this success stays with me permanently. - E.K., Auckland

One month after our session-  I have not picked up a smoke and have no desire to. I have been around others while smoking and am happy to say I no longer feel the need to have one. Very happy with my progress and the kids love the fact that their mother is no longer a smoker. Thank you so much for your help, with me also giving up, I have triggered others to do so as well. - Taina W., NZ

My outcome was to quit smoking. Right after the session, I was able to quit smoking. It's one month since then and I have not smoked, even once. Now the world looks different. My self-image has changed. It is all thanks to you, Julia. Julia’s leading was superb from the beginning to the end. I was greatly impressed. I also liked the sense of humor that was intertwined in the session. It made the session very enjoyable. Julia skilfully showed me how to quit smoking, helped me build more confidence and showed me how to get along with my unconscious mind. Thank you so much, Julia! I am doing very well. - Mr. Kengo Urata, Osaka, Japan

Great Results in One Session

Working with Julia was great, she is a real professional and very skilled. I had amazing results after one session. I highly recommend working with Julia.
J.P., Auckland

Overcoming Lifelong Aversion to Food (red meat)

On Saturday I cooked and ate my first steak in 36 years of my life. I was telling friends that I was too daunted to deal with the cooking and they helped me to purchase and cook it. I felt nauseous and anxious right up to that first bite. After the first bite I was fine and thought this is just like chicken but tastes different. It felt like a massive breakthrough.
Rachel, Auckland

Losing Weight and Gaining Freedom

My aim was to lose weight. I phrased it as “not wanting to be fat” and was not able to word it positively at the start of the session. Julia asked me what my values were and I said “To be free, to be in charge, to be able to decide on my own.” Then she asked “In what way could, your deciding/choosing when and how much you eat and exercise, satisfy your values of being in charge and free?” I realized that I can make my own decision about how much I eat to stay slim and maintain my ideal figure. (I realized that I was not reducing the amount of my eating just to lose weight.) I came to be aware that to look fabulous on the outside means to stay a free spirit.
It has been 10 days since I had a session with Julia, and I have lost 2.5kgso far. My negative image of being on a diet disappeared. (A negative imagemeant that I cannot eat my favorite food as much as I want.) I plan to weigh1.5 kg less in a month from now (i.e. I plan to lose 4 kg in 40 days.)
A session with Julia gave me a heartwarming experience of coming to know what I really want in my life in a safe setting. Thank you very much!
K.I.,Trainer, Japan, 2012